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You and your doctor learn a great deal about your health with laboratory tests. These tests extend the range of your doctor's senses, providing information which cannot be seen, heard or touched by the doctor.

A normal test result can be just as important as an abnormal result. It helps rule out disease, as well as establish a baseline "normal" for you. A person's own result is the best baseline for monitoring any change that takes place in the future. An abnormal result may show up even when you feel fine. For this reason, laboratory tests are often used by physicians as part of your physical exam. Tests support the findings of a physical exam and enable your doctor to make a diagnosis that may otherwise be missed. 

The Veranda uses sophisticated equipment to examine and analyze patient cells and body fluids. These studies can be provided without the hassle of visiting another facility and going through additional paperwork. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of diagnostic and medical services while accommodating the needs of our patients.


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