Christina Kile, M.D.

"Many patients are now feeling a sense of empowerment in regards to their health conditions, and it’s true. Treatment is no longer exclusive to diagnosis and prognosis provided by the physician. Fortunately, many of my patients understand their power to influence their health through simple but important lifestyle choices. There will always be the need for the expertise of medical professionals and specialists, but now it has grown beyond that. There is a need to cultivate relationships with our patients, maintain good communication and ultimately provide the information and support that they can use when we're not there.”

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Elizabeth Tye, FNP-C

"Nursing has been my life for more than 20 years. I like to help patients figure out their goals and assist them in finding the best way to reach them. Using my wide range of medical experience to help our patients achieve their goals is exciting. From dieting plans to exercise to hormone replacement, we can work with patients, not for them, to create a plan together that is attainable and livable. Giving them options and educating them on proper choices is key to success. Seeing them come back over the years, and knowing we did this together is very rewarding.”

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Julie Oliver, PA-C

“Medicine is changing every day, and it is important to our team at The Veranda to stay informed on how our fields are evolving. Being trained in the latest medical advancements, I hope to encourage patients throughout their visits with the best plan of care for their lifestyle.”

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Carol Ford, FNP-C

"I strive to provide quality care for my patients in a professional and compassionate manner. When you come in, I want you to leave feeling like you've received the best care and had all your concerns and questions addressed.”

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