Joseph M. Jackson, III, M.D., ABFM

"I chose Family Practice so that I could get to know the entire family. Continuity of care is so important in today's complex medical environment. This continuity provides a level of comfort for my patients year after year. "

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Charity G. Wilson, M.D., ABFM

"As a Family Practice physician, I strive to promote preventive care with my patients. With today's technology, we have the opportunity to prevent so many diseases. Educating my patients in these areas is a top priority.  I believe communication is the key to great health care. I rely on my experience and training every day. But, my strength lies in my ability to listen and communicate with patients.""

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Kari Bradshaw, NP-C

"I strive to engage patients in their personal care. By helping them to understand their illness and practical measures they can take for improvements, I am able to build trust with my patients. At the Veranda, we believe communication is the key to great health care."

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Joyce M. Monticino, NP-C

I actively encourage my patients to be involved in every aspect of their care.  I believe that it is important to provide knowledge and know-how to my patients. Effective and open communication will lead to happier patients leading healthier lives."

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Stacey Barnes, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

“I have seen almost everything from all my years of being a nurse. I carry my wealth of knowledge with me every day, and I enjoy passing it on to my patients.”

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