February 2018 Hot Flashes

Are You Ready for Some Football?

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is considered a holiday filled with cheering, laughter, possibly sadness, and spending time with friends and family. However, studies have shown that watching sports, especially the Super Bowl, is healthy for sports fans. These fans are more psychologically healthy than those who don’t watch sports because of the strong connection sports fans feel towards the team and other supporters. Fans usually have higher self-esteem and lower rates of depression whether their favorite team makes the pinnacle touchdown or loses the game. The Super Bowl or any other football game can also strengthen relationships by giving couples an activity to do together. On this Sunday afternoon, you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game as the points rack up, tensions build, and cheers ensue.


Pucker Up, Buttercup

It’s February, and your surroundings are filled with love, romance, and anatomically-incorrect hearts of all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are in a relationship, casually dating someone, or happily married, consider giving your partner a few smooches. Research shows that kissing eases hormones associated with stress by releasing chemicals. Keep the romance new or alive by taking a few extra minutes to kiss your significant other each day. Also, don’t just give your partner a peck on the lips; have a passionate kiss that lasts a few seconds to help create a lasting connection. Forming or maintaining a positive relationship with your significant other is key way to reduce anxiety and stress. You should grab your lip balm and a mint and smooch your lover, for your health of course.


National Heart Health Month

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, killing approximately 1 in 3 women each year. However, studies have shown that healthier choices have prevented 330 heart disease deaths per day. There’s no better time than now to make changes to save your life. The first step is to quit smoking or stay away from secondhand smoke. Nicotine causes your blood pressure and heart rate to increase dramatically. Tobacco and the carbon monoxide inhaled take oxygen from your lungs, brain, and heart. Smoking cigarettes also makes your blood sticky and damages vessels which can increase your chances of forming a blood clot. There’s no butts about it: everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health and your family’s health, so why are you still lighting up? For yourself and those around you, kick the habit and watch your life transform.

(Go Red for Women)

Sip Your Tea

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a comfy armchair with a mug of warm tea in your hand and a new novel laying on your lap. Herbal teas not only provide you with a sense of comfort, they can also ease depression and help your body relax and unwind. These benefits can help you sleep better and more soundly. Other herbal teas, such as Rooibos or green tea, can provide your body with powerful antioxidants to keep you healthy and less susceptible to seasonal ailments. To reap the benefits herbal teas offer, search for teas that are organic and made of high quality ingredients.



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