January 2018 Hot Flashes

Pump Up the Flavor and Spice Up Your Life

Studies have shown that 20% of the U.S. population will suffer from the cold or flu each year. To keep yourself ready to tackle the frigid temperatures without getting under the weather, you can incorporate new vegetables and spices into your meals. Mushrooms contain natural antibiotics which gives them medicinal properties that boost your immune system. Add a few white button mushrooms to your scrambled eggs in the morning or your salad for lunch for a helping hand for your health. Also, don’t be afraid to get a little spicy. Onions, ginger, garlic, turmeric and cilantro will improve your immune system to fight off those germs that will have you feeling sick. These solutions will not only help you combat the cold and flu this season, they will also bring more flavor and spice to your life.


Sweat Out Bad Vibes

If you’re feeling a little tense after the holidays or you the stresses of life are bringing you down, consider visiting a local sauna or steam room. Saunas and steam rooms help your muscles relax which can help reduce stress. The elevated temperatures also help you detox your skin and body by sweating out impurities. These amenities can usually be found at a local gym or spa, but if you find yourself without a membership, there are other option. Walk into your bathroom, turn on the shower to a feverish temperature, have a seat, and watch your stress melt away. You could also take a hot bath surrounded by candles and your favorite fragrances.


Reach Your Fitness Goals

Was your New Year’s Resolution to drop a few pounds, tone your body, or live a healthier life? One of the most important activities to remember for these goals is to exercise. To keep yourself responsible, make a workout schedule for your week on Sunday and be specific. Write down what exercises you will do, where you will do them, and for how long. By writing down your plan, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and complete each workout to reach your fitness goals. Also, keep in mind that the frigid winter temperatures shouldn’t keep you from exercising. You can plan a workout at home or watch fitness class videos online to break a sweat without freezing outside.


We Did Start the Fire

Studies have shown that more preventable injuries occur during the winter months than at any other time. If you tend to light your fireplace during this chilly season, be mindful of the dangers that surround these fires. Make sure that any lit flame such as a candle or fireplace is not left burning while you are not in the house and that all fires are extinguished before going to sleep at night. You should also be cautious when using other heating devices such as an electric blanket or space heater. Make sure these appliances are safely maintained and monitored. You may also want to use them a little before bed, and then unplug before you start counting sheep.



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