December 2017 Hot Flashes

Save the Envelopes and Stamps this Year

The holiday season is incredibly stressful even though it should only be filled with joy and good tidings. Although you bought coordinating sweaters or elf outfits for this year’s Christmas card, mailing all of those envelopes is a time and money hassle you don’t necessarily need. If this holiday greeting is driving you crazy, consider giving your significant other half of the list to tackle. After all, it’s important to remember you’re not in this season alone. You can also think of a list of 10 individuals who absolutely, positively have to have your picture to hang on their refrigerator and send hard copies to these family members or friends. You can send the rest of your list a digital copy of your Christmas card through an email which is an eco-friendlier option. 

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Wrap a Gift, Give a Gift

Sometimes it’s exciting to shop and find the perfect present for your spouse or children. After you’ve crossed off all of the gifts on your list and checked it twice, it’s time to start the wrapping process. For some, wrapping the presents is a relaxing task that is actually looked forward to. However, for most of us, wrapping presents is a tedious task we wait until Christmas Eve to accomplish when the children have sugar plums dancing in their heads. If you don’t want to wrap with the best of them, keep your eyes peeled for a wrapping kiosk at your local shopping mall. Oftentimes, charitable organizations will set up wrapping tables to take care of your presents for a small fee. You can not only mark another item off of your to-do list, but you can also help a worthy cause. 

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Over the River and To the Airport We Go

Are you planning to travel by air just like Saint Nick to visit your family and friends? Consider the presents you’re going to give when you book your flight. Because of carry-on and flight restrictions, it’s important to ask yourself if the gifts you’re giving are capable of the trip. Gift cards or cash are a never fail option that won’t count as a carry on when traveling to your destination. If this option seems a little impersonal, consider having your gifts shipped to your family and friends before you arrive. Make sure to have the presents gift wrapped or to pass the message not to open until December 25 so you can see the joy on the recipient’s face when they dive in to your perfect present.

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Get Up and Get Active

Being healthy is one of the most effective ways to reduce your chances of breast cancer. Studies have shown that being overweight or obese increases your risk of breast cancer, which is especially true if obesity occurs later in your life or after menopause. Experts suggest 150 minutes of moderately high aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise each week. You should also include at least two sessions of weight training to keep your body in optimal shape. The best decision you can make for yourself and your body is to get up, get active, and reduce your chance of having breast cancer. 

(Mayo Clinic)


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