November 2017 Hot Flashes

American Diabetes Month – Now Walk It Out

If you are at risk of developing diabetes or have a family history of diabetes, consider getting up and active to decrease your chances. Studies have shown that moderate-intensity exercise increased insulin sensitivity by 51 percent and more vigorous exercise increased this sensitivity by 85 percent. When you exercise, your body requires less insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. The most beneficial exercises to prevent diabetes include aerobic or cardio exercise, strength training and interval training. 

(Authority Nutrition)

Thanksgiving Stress – Laughter is the Best Medicine

The holidays are upon us which means cooking a huge meal to impress your friends and family while also being a good hostess. Needless to say, Thanksgiving is an incredibly stressful time. An effective way to prep yourself for the stress of the day is to enjoy a favorite sitcom or comedy the night before or even on Turkey Day. Studies have shown that laughing releases endorphins that improve your mood and decrease levels of cortisol and adrenaline, stress causing hormones.  By laughing your cares away, you will remain a little less stressed about the side dishes and gravy and focus a little more on having a wonderful holiday. 


National Healthy Skin Month – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Winter is filled with cooler temperatures that are a little gentler than the scorching summer heat, but these cooler temperature can wreak havoc on your skin. To save your skin from the harmful effects of the season, you need to moisturize and hydrate. Although you may want to turn to a hot cup of chai tea or hot chocolate to warm up on a frosty winter morning, make sure to remember the importance of adequate hydration and drinking water for your skin. You may also want to moisturize your skin at night to fully prepare your hands, feet, and other exposed skin for the cold of the next day. 

(Be Well Blog)

Bladder Health Month

There is nothing more uncomfortable and inconvenient than a urinary tract infection. If you find yourself suffering from multiple infections, you may want to consider adding cranberry to your diet. Studies have shown that cranberry juice or tablets (without any added sugar) reduces the occurrence of UTI’s and was the most effective treatment for women who had recurrent infections. Ingredients in the cranberries help stop bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder, decreasing your chances of infection. 

(Everyday Health)


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