August 2017 Hot Flashes

National Breastfeeding Month

Breastfeeding reaps multiple benefits for both the mother and the infant, but interestingly choosing to breastfeed can help a mother return to her pre-baby weight. Overall, it takes 1,000 calories a day to produce breast milk. Mothers are advised to eat an extra 500 calories while the body will dip into reserves it created during pregnancy to compensate for the rest. However, mothers must make sure to consume those extra calories each day or the body will go into starvation mode. 

(Health Foundations Birth Center)

Vaccinations: They’re Not Just for Kids

Approximately 50,000 US adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases each year. Although we may believe that once we are out of school and in the adult world vaccines are not important, these life-saving vaccinations can positively affect our health as well as our families’ health. By getting vaccinated, we are limiting exposure to dangerous diseases for ourselves and our families. For example, adults are the most common source of infant exposure to the whooping cough virus which can cause death in babies. 

(Adult Vaccination)

School Bus Scares

Riding the school bus for the first time can cause anxiety for both a child and a parent. Help ease those first day jitters by planning ahead of the big event. Figure out the route the bus will follow and then take your child on the same trip. By pointing out favorite landmarks and memorable places, your child will view the ride as more familiar and less scary. Another helpful strategy is to get together with one of your neighbors who has a child. Having an older buddy on the bus can help your child feel more at ease. 



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