October 2016 Hot Flashes

De-Bloat in a Day

Bloating and actual fat gain feel the same, so it’s easy to confuse the two, but they really aren’t—fat is different from gas and water, which are what often contribute to bloating, and fat comes onto your body much more slowly. So when you feel like you’ve ballooned overnight, or even over the span of a few days, you can usually chalk that up to bloating instead of true weight gain. Try these simple tips to de-bloat your gut today.

  1. Swap all beverages for water
  2. Avoid alcohol 
  3. Watch your fiber intake
  4. Choose fruits with less sugar
  5. Lay off the carbs
  6. Eat slowly
  7. Banish salty food
  8. Watch your portions 

 (Self.com, December 2015)

What’s the Difference in These “Dry” Hair Products?

When it comes to your hair, “dry” is typically a negative description. But now, just about every bottle in the beauty aisle is marked with the adjective: dry shampoo, dry texture spray, dry conditioner. Dry emphasizes that it’s weightless, and it’s not going to feel like you have anything oily in your hair. But, what’s the difference?

Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo has a matte finish to help soak up any oil at the roots and give your hair volume. 

Dry Texture Spray: Want that undone style that isn’t quite waves or curls? Use texture spray to achieve that lived-in look. The spray separates each strand and allows air to get into your hair. It gives your style a plumped up effect.

Dry Conditioner: Dry conditioner has trace amounts of oil to add shine to the hair. It’s the superlight alternative to applying a heavy serum. 

(Self, February 2016)

Take A Vacation!

Maybe you think you’re doing your boss a favor by skipping that vacation… or just “forgetting” to use those comp days and sick days that seem to be always adding up. Think again! Research shows that taking vacations make us happier, healthier and more productive. Read some of the results of the 2013 Nielsen Research Study to see how.

  1. Regular vacation can prevent heart attack.
    According to the December 2013 Nielsen Research Study, over three-quarters of respondents reported feeling happier when they vacationed regularly. Happy people are less stressed, and as we know stress is a leading cause of heart disease. 
  2. Regular vacations can make you smarter.
    Studies find that chronic stress can actually modulate a part of your brain that inhibits goal-directed activity and can cause problems with memory. This affects work performance, which in turn creates more stress. It’s a vicious cycle! No wonder 71 percent of respondents in the same Nielsen Study were more satisfied at work when they regularly took a vacation.
  3. Regular vacations can make you thinner.
    For stress eaters, everyday stresses can make you fat, a fact which science supports. Regular vacations can help! Over 75 percent of respondents in the Nielsen Study reported positive feelings and extreme happiness while on vacation. For stress eaters, this may break the overeating cycle. 

(WomensHealth.com, January 2016)

Make-Ahead Meatless Mondays

The campaign for “Meatless Monday” is gaining popularity. The concept is simple: One day a week, cut out the meat. (And Monday seems to be a good day to try.) It’s a great way to eat more fruit and vegetables. By eliminating meat once a week, you may reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, support sustainability, and even come out saving a buck or two. To make your goal even more attainable, use your Meatless Monday as a make-ahead day to prepare extra fruits and vegetables for the week.

  • Choose a day convenient to you to leave meat out of your diet.  Use this as a “day of preparation” for the entire week to assist your goal to increase your fruits and vegetables by three servings a day.
  • As your main meatless Monday dish, make a couscous, wild rice, or other grain salad packed with seasonal vegetables. Enjoy throughout the week in wraps, over a bed of spinach, or heated into omelets.
  • Sauté or grill extra vegetables on your meatless Monday, and continue to use the leftovers later in the week in pasta dishes, soups, sandwiches, and salads.
  • Make a large batch of fruit salad to have on hand for meals and snacks.
  • Become a food processing pro – Use the shredding blade to grate squash, carrots, zucchini, turnips, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. Bag them up and keep them easily accessible in the refrigerator. Add them to sauces, soups, stir-fry, casseroles, pizzas.



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