June 2016 Hot Flashes

Exercise to Boost Brain Health

There’s one method that not only clears brain fog and helps prevent dementia, but may also help you “grow” your brain to perform even more efficiently than it did before. On top of all that, it can help you look better in your little black dress. This miracle treatment? Regular exercise.

Researchers suspected the connection all along. Exercise gets your heart pumping, which increases blood flow to the entire body, including the brain. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen, so it would make sense that getting more blood to the brain would help it to stay healthy.

Though researchers still don’t know the ideal amount of daily exercise for optimal brain health, most studies so far have focused on 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least five days a week. In other words, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. Just work exercise into your daily routine however you can.

(WomensHealth.com, April 2015)

6 Things You Should Clean Daily

We know what you’re thinking…another thing to add to my to-do list. But these things will go a long way to keeping your home feeling and actually being clean. So no more excuses, here we go!
  1. Hand Towels- They might not look that dirty, but they are used to clean up after numerous spills and numerous people throughout the course of one day. Exchange it for a new one at the end of each day. 
  2. Kitchen Counters- Give these a good wipe down at the end of the day. They have accumulated a lot of crumbs, germs and smudges today. They deserve it.
  3. Shower Walls- To avoid soap scum buildup, squeegee the walls after every use. That should save some elbow grease later.
  4. Your Sinks- After you’ve put your dishes in the dishwasher for the night, give your sink a quick wipe down with a disinfecting wipe. It’s a small step, but makes a big difference in removing bacteria. And who doesn’t love a sparkling sink? 
  5. Coffee Maker- Be sure to add your coffee pot to the nightly clean up. This machine is a breeding ground for mold, so be sure to clean it out and wipe down the machine itself.
  6. Floors- We all drop things while cooking, and if you have kids they drop a lot while eating. Take the time after you start the dishwasher to sweep up the crumbs. If you don’t get them, we know some tiny creepy crawlies that will be happy to take them for you. Shiver. 

(GoodHousekeeping.com, February 2016)

Can Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Hot water with lemon in and of itself does not cause any actual weight loss. However, if this drink is replacing a beverage that is higher in calories, like coffee with sugar or fruit juice—and that results in a calorie deficit—then it can help you lose weight.

Drinking water—whether hot or cold, infused with lemon, or plain—also helps keep your metabolism humming. For those that don’t enjoy plain water, adding some lemon is a great way to boost the flavor without adding calories.

In the short term, drinking water with lemon can also reduce bloating—it acts as a mild, natural diuretic. However, if you're experiencing bloating in the long-term, it’s best to figure out what is causing it and work to stop those habits: Eating too fast, drinking through a straw, drinking carbonated beverages, consuming too much salt, and consuming foods with sugar alcohols are common culprits.

You also don't want to chug water with lemon religiously if you experience heartburn or acid reflux, as the citrus in the lemon will only exacerbate your symptoms. Now you know!

(Health.com, February 2016)

Boost Your Breakfast

The importance of eating breakfast is immeasurable. Not only does it break the fast and jumpstart your metabolism, but it also boosts your performance at work or school, helps with weight maintenance, and is the perfect time get in an extra fruit or vegetable serving for the day.

  • Stir berries (fresh or frozen), dried fruit, or banana slices into yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.
  • Make a smoothie. Combine some low fat milk or yogurt, 1/2 cup frozen berries and a banana for a super easy blended breakfast – and 2 entire fruit servings!
  • Add peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions to your eggs for a delicious omelet, or pile the whole scramble on your favorite bread, tortilla, or bagel for a booster breakfast sandwich.
  • Have a glass of juice. Make sure it’s made from 100% fruit juice, and limit yourself to eight ounces per day to avoid too many added sugars.
  • Don’t have time for breakfast? Whole fruits are quick, prep-free, on-the-go solution. Grab an apple, peach, banana, or orange and enjoy it on your way to work.

(MyRecipies.com, 2016)


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