August 2018 Hot Flashes

Picnic Hacks

It may be too hot now, but before you know it temps will cool down and it will once again be perfect picnic weather! An al fresco meal is a great opportunity for family fun and casual reconnecting. Just in case you’ve gotten a little rusty, or need some fresh ideas to make picnicking possible, here are some creative tips for you. Pack snacks for the little one in empty, clean egg-cartons. The containers aren’t breakable and they’re perfectly proportioned for small tummies. Freeze water bottles instead of using ice in the cooler. It’s less messy and guarantees you’ll have fresh cold water to drink. Pack along a shower curtain to place underneath your picnic blanket to keep it from getting wet or picking up prickly lawn stickers. Keep your drinks bug-free by placing cupcake liners over the top of the glass/can and sticking a straw through them. Make a lightweight disposable napkin/utensil caddy by upcycling a 6-pack drink carrier. And if you’re tired of your tablecloth blowing up over the picnic table, try using a discarded single-bed sized bottom-sheet - the corners tuck in nicely around the ends of the table!


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