May 2019 Hot Flashes

Organize for Weight Loss

According to a new Ohio State University study, we are more likely to choose the food items that have been in our line of sight for the longest time. For example, if a bowl of strawberries has been sitting on the kitchen counter and chips are tucked away in the pantry – science says we will reach for the strawberries! That’s why it’s a good idea to organize your surroundings where the good-for-you choices are most visible. Here’s how to make sure healthy foods aren’t out of sight and out of mind:

  • Take down the take out: Instead of posting take-out menus and coupons on the fridge, replace them with your meal plan for the week and a list of your favorite recipes.
  • Store pre-prepped proteins and veggies front and center: Keep super-quick meal assembly at hand by stocking your fridge with hard-boiled eggs, rotisserie chicken, chopped greens, cooked grains, and veggie noodles.
  • Pack snacks: fill up resealable bags with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, or keep some fresh fruit on hand ready for easy snacking.

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